There are many types of psychotherapy, counselling, or “talking therapy”. Many of these have been researched for specific mood and anxiety disorders. For example, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT) was developed years ago and has been shown to be effective for depression (both unipolar major depression and bipolar depression) as well as for panic disorder. Behavioral activation is a part of the process of CBT and has also been shown to be effective for depression. Dialectical Behavioral Psychotherapy (DBT) has been shown to help individuals with depression, and particularly those who have suicidal tendencies.

Psychotherapy alone may be the treatment of choice for a patient who has a first episode of depression which is currently mild. Most often, we recommend medication for patients who have moderate or severe depression, and frequently we will also recommend psychotherapy for these patients. Dr. Dunner has done research on psychotherapy for mood disorders, particularly CBT, Behavioral Activation, and a psychotherapy shown to be effective for individuals with chronic forms of depression, namely Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP). Dr. Dunner’s primary treatment approach is medication management, but he is able to refer you to a psychotherapist who has been trained in a psychotherapy which is appropriate for you. In contrast, Dr. Demopulos’ approach is to combine the medication management and psychotherapy into her treatment sessions.