One out of every three patients who have tried several antidepressant treatments still have symptoms of depression. The RECOVER study is a new research study for people with difficult-to-treat depression

VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Therapy® is a well-studied treatment that is already approved by the FDA for people with treatment-resistant depression. Despite this, Medicare and other insurers do not routinely cover it.

The RECOVER study was designed in partnership with many of the nation’s top experts in treatment resistant depression, and approved by Medicare, to provide additional evidence of the benefit of VNS Therapy. If the results confirm previous studies, Medicare and other insurers may start to cover it.

Right now, The Center for Anxiety and Depression is actively looking for patients to participate in the RECOVER study. People who participate in RECOVER will receive VNS Therapy and all study-related care at no cost to them.

To join the RECOVER study, you must be 18 years or older and:

  • Currently depressed
  • Have depression, or bipolar depression, that has lasted for at least two years or recurred several times
  • Have tried at least four types of antidepressant treatments and not found them helpful

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